Warringarri Aboriginal Arts was established in the late 1970’s, in the heart of Miriwoong country at Kununurra in the Kimberley region of northern Australia, Waringarri regards itself as  the first wholly indigenous owned art centre established in the Kimberley region and one of the oldest continuously operating art centres in Australia supporting economic independence for artists and their community.

When an artist paints their Country they map out not only the features of rivers, hills, open plains and waterholes but also layers of knowledge that describes the features of the land, Ngarrangarni stories and spiritual references and knowledge of bush foods as well as references to more contemporary events.

By naming Country an artist indicates their knowledge, cultural status and the ultimately a deep ongoing connection to Country.

Waringarri artists share the importance of their country and culture, while exploring a celebration of colour, composition and individualism. Through Art Centre activities, artists and their families are supported to return to Country to hunt for bush foods, visit sites of significance and learn cultural knowledge from the elders. As each artist creates an artwork they are inspired by and reminded of their rich cultural heritage and the importance of their connection to Miriwoong Country.

The centre operates artists’ studios which produce ochre paintings, limited edition prints, sculptures and  engraved boabs.

The art centre supports more than 100 artists and proudly provides for the training and employment of local Aboriginal people as arts-workers.

All proceeds from art sales are returned to the community to support an ongoing program of arts and cultural projects.

The art centre is wholly indigenous owned and all proceeds from sales are returned to the community.


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