Bow River Country

Nichola Dare and Tracey Ramsay, Bow River, 2019

Late last year, I travelled to the East Kimberley to help Warmun Art Centre celebrate its 20th anniversary. It was a wonderful weekend in many ways and while contemplating the 20-year legacy of Warmun’s many famous and renowned artists, my eye kept being drawn to a handful of new works by two emerging artists Tracey and Kathy Ramsay. Over the weekend, I went out to Bow River community, hoping to meet legendary Warmun artist Rammey Ramsey. But Rammey was resting so I met with his daughter, Tracey, and it was there drinking billy tea in Bow River, that we first discussed putting on Tracey and Kathy’s first ever Sydney exhibition.

I returned to Warmun in April to make final arrangements for this exhibition, I am truly proud of this show and honoured to be able to introduce Tracy Ramsay and Kathy Ramsay and to give Sydney art lovers the opportunity to acquire works by what may well be two of the next big names in Aboriginal art.

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