The Beginning of Time - Angelina Karadada Boona

Angelina Karadada Boona works at Kira Kiro Artists in Kalumburu, the most northerly Aboriginal community in WA.  Her art captures the spirituality of the wet season rain storms through enigmatic depictions of the powerful Wandjina spirit found as ancient rock art throughout the region.

For the Worrorra, Ngarinyin and Wunumbal peoples, the Wandjina Creator Spirit, also referred to as the Rainmaker, is evidence of their ancestors and symbolic of the wet season storms which bring an abundance of bushfoods after the rains.

Growing up in the remote north-west Kimberley, Angelina learnt to gather onmal (natural white ochres) with her mother, renowned artist, Lily Karadada. The ochres are mixed with goorin (white gum sap), which has been boiled down to form a resin that binds the paint to the canvas. Angelina is masterful at mixing the white ochres to createa palette that is as subtle as it is profound. It’s a long andpainstaking process before brush even touches canvas, but Angelina considers it essential to connect her to her ancestors when bringing the Wandjina spirit to life.

Following a sell-out exhibition of Angelina’s work in 2020, ‘The Beginning of Time’ features 11 exquisite new works on canvas and paper.

“The monumental strength and character of the Wandjina emerges slowly in Angelina’s art and takes on the rhythm of the Country it is from. In partnership with Kira Kiro Artists and Warringarri Aboriginal Arts, we are privileged to be able to bring these unique artworks to Sydney”. Nichola Dare October 2021

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