Ngayulu Litju Palyarnu - We Did This Together

Cynthia Burke and Nancy Jackson are inseparable. They talk, laugh, sing and tell stories as they paint together at the remote Warakuna art centre, 330km from Uluru near the NT border.

Cynthia is daughter of artist Jean Burke and niece of Aboriginal art legend Tommy Watson. Growing up she would sit with them as they painted, learning the culture and craft that has shaped her unique landscapes depicting the subtle contours of sandhills and waterholes in the changing seasons.

Nancy also paints her Country, but in a more geometrically-inspired style and with a greater emphasis on Tjukurrpa – the dreamtime stories of her ancestors. Nancy is one of the most important cultural leaders in her community, a prolific weaver and a phenomenal goanna hunter.

Ngayulu Litju Palyarnu – ‘We did this together’ is a stunning collection of new work from two outstanding and important Western Desert artists. It is a celebration of community, culture and Country, and testimony to two women’s deep and true friendship.

View the catalogue for this exhibition HERE.

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