Hot on the heels of an exhibition of rare works by their father, renowned artist and elder Rammey Ramsey, Aboriginal Contemporary and Warmum Arts are proud to bring you WIGIM: an exhibition of exceptional new works by his daughters.

Tracey and Kathy Ramsay are part of a new generation of East Kimberley artists who are reimagining the aesthetics of their Country, painting ancient culture and stories in bold, new ways. Dark rock formations, vibrant blue rivers and tight clusters of trees leap from backgrounds of pale pink and yellow ochres.

“I paint what my old people told me about our country”, comments Kathy. “Because they are the ones who know the history of our country. Our country really knows us, and it owns us.”

In some works, shapes are delineated by white dots, reflecting the region’s art and culture reaching back millennia. “We also use [white dots] in corroborees (dance ceremonies) when we trace them around our faces. It’s beautiful. It brings out the flavour of your painting, culture and dance”, explains Kathy Tracey and Kathy’s work gains a deeply symbolic resonance as it transcends not just time but the notion of singularity. Through the use of simple forms and blocks of colour, the artists knowingly speak
to their community’s collective dialogue and identity, whilst also creating a sense of joy and universal familiarity.

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