“Warlawoon is my dad Rammey Ramsey’s country, my beautiful old artist dad who left his memory with me to carry on after him.” – Kathy Ramsay

Tracey and Kathy Ramsay’s father was one of the most influential indigenous artists of his generation. Beyond his own work, this elder and cultural knowledge holder has a living legacy in the art now emerging from his two talented daughters.

Tracey and Kathy’s work has a deeply symbolic resonance, transcending not just time but the notion of singularity.
Using simple forms and blocks of colour, the artists speak to their community’s collective dialogue and identity, whilst creating a sense of joy and universal familiarity.

Warlawoon lies to the west of Bedford Downs in the East Kimberley and is a place of deep significance for the Ramsay Sisters. Bangariny-warriny Ngarjiepum (Two Sisters) is their first exhibition since their father’s passing.