Kapi Tjukurpa


Kapi Tjukurpa - Water Stories
An exhibition of new works by Tjulyata Kulyuru and Janice Stanley
from Ernabella Arts

Tjulyata Kulyuru and Janice Stanley are cousins, both from celebrated families of artists and both rising stars at the art centre in Ernabella on the SA /NT border. They paint in very different styles but their work shares the common theme of water. 

Knowing the water sources on their Country has always been critical to their survival of the Pitjantjatjara people. Rock holes were particularly important during the dry season when other water holes and creeks would dry up. Through stories, songs and art, an intimate knowledge of the topography of the desert and the way rain interacts with the land is passed from generation to generation and revered by all Anangu.

Tjulyata has developed her own unique interpretation of tjukula (waterholes) using delicate brushwork and strong but subtle colours. Janice’s art explodes on the canvas, depicting the pantu (salt lakes) of her Country and elements of the sacred Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) creation story.

By indigenous art standards, Tulyata and Janice are still early career, but both artists have already exhibited extensively, both in Australia and overseas and are well on their way to becoming important and senior APY Lands artists of the next generation.

View the catalogue for this exhibition HERE.

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