ten - Exhibition opens 4 december2020

To celebrate our tenth birthday, Aboriginal Contemporary is proud to bring you a special exhibition featuring ten artists of special significance to our gallery.

For all its challenges, 2020 has been a pivotal year for Aboriginal art. We’ve seen deeper connections to both the work itself and the process of buying it; we’ve been asked more questions about how the art is sourced and the ethical treatment of artists and communities; and we’ve felt more engagement and excitement in the sector than ever before.

I believe that through art we can all feel a part of the world’s oldest continuously living culture. A decade as a gallery owner has given me unique access to it, both in my travels and my understanding; I am deeply grateful for those opportunities.

'ten' celebrates an amazing decade and we look forward to the next with
optimism and excitement.

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Warmest Nichola

For further enquiries please email nichola@aboriginalcontemporary.com.au

Image: Mabel Juli 120cm x 90cm

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