Lurrtjurringkula/Tjunguringanyi - Coming Together

Please join us on 29 May for the opening of Lurrtjurringkula/Tjunguringanyi - Coming Together

Lurrtjurringkula is from Ngaanyatjarra language, Tjunguringanyi is Pitjantjara. Artists Tjarwina Porter and Katjarra
Butler are from the art centre at Kaltukatjara; Tjukupati James and Mary Gibson from Tjukurla. Over many years a
special relationship has developed between these artists and their art centres and movement and collaboration
between them is now a regular event.

The origins of Western Desert contemporary art were male-led, but today, both art centres are spearheaded by
strong women whose work is guided by deep cultural knowledge and the authority and respect they have in their

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Mary Gibson 177.8cm x 147.3cm

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