Rammey is a senior Warmun artist whose country, Warlawoon, lies to the west of Bedford Downs. Rammey lived and worked on stations around Warlawoon for most of his life until he moved to Bow River Station, where he still lives under the care of his two daughters, artists Tracey and Kathy Ramsay. Rammey didn’t start painting until 2000 and,
in the same year, was part of a show titled ‘Gaagembi’, literally meaning ‘Poor Things’, which included works expressing sorrow for loss of Country and the traditional way of life. ThroughJirrawun Arts, Rammey was exposed to artists such as Warhol, Miro and Skully, and the influence of post-modernism on timeless depictions of Country are the signature of much of his finest work.

The rare collection Warmun Arts and Aboriginal Contemporary bring to you in ‘Rammey’ were painted between 2008 and 2010 and show an artist deeply connected to Country producing an expressive, experimental body of work; someone at the height of his powers – gestural and gaudy.

Rammey is the last living elder from Warlawoon and these works are powerful depictions of his Country, the hills, gorges, waterholes, boabs and station life. Beyond his cultural role as a painter, Rammey has also been an instrumental knowledge holder for song, dance and ceremony. It is a great privilege for our gallery to be able to bring you these extraordinary rare and important works.

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