Warla Tuwa Exhibition

Aboriginal Contemporary and Martumili Artists warmly invite you to view our latest exhibition of stunning art from Australia’s far Western Desert.

‘Warla Tuwa - salt lakes and sand hills’ follows critically-acclaimed exhibitions by Martu artists at both the Australian Museum and the MCA. The new exhibition includes works from senior artists, including Amy French, Bugai Whyoulter and Nancy Chapman, alongside the rising stars and next generation of Martu artists, such as Cyril Whyoulter and Judith Anya Samson.

The far Western Desert is a region that is commonly described as harsh, desolate and inhospitable.  For the Martu people it is a landscape full of diversity. From the shimmering white expanses of the giant salt lakes, to the vibrant, almost neon green colour of new plant growth after fire, the deep cool liquid of the waterholes scattered throughout the area, through to the rich orange contours of the sand hills - the artists' works present an intimate vision of a place that is beautiful revered and complex.  

A distinctive feature of Martumili is that no one paints alone. Even when working on a solo piece, the presence of another artist sitting nearby can often be felt in the finished work, and fully collaborative paintings are a Martu hallmark. 

Please do join us on 4 July 6pm - 8pm for the opening

‘Warla Tuwa’ runs until 18 July at Aboriginal Contemporary, 254 Bronte Road, Waverley.


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