Ikuntji Artists

Ikuntji Artists is situated in the community of Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji) and was first established in 1992, initially as a women’s centre providing services for old people and children in the community.

After some early experiences with printing T-shirts, the artists began producing acrylic paintings on linen and handmade paper.  They quickly gained the attention of the Australian and international art world and garnered an impressive reputation for fine arts.

The artists draw their inspiration from their personal ngurra (country) and Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). They interpret the ancestral stories using traditional symbols, icons and motifs. The artistic repertoire of Ikuntji Artists is diverse and includes naive as well as highly abstract paintings in the individual artist’s own styles.

The art centre has been the cultural hub of the community, maintaining, reinforcing and reinvigorating cultural practices through art-making.

Throughout the 21 years of its existence the art movement in Ikuntji has flourished and constantly left its mark on the fine art world.

Today Ikuntji Artists has eight key artists, who exhibit in Australia and internationally. They are represented in major collections across the globe.


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