Wingarntjirri-Sally - 91.4cm x 121.9cm


Artist: Sally Butler 

Size:  91.4cm x 121.9cm acrylic on canvas


Sally Butler is the daughter of acclaimed senior artist Katjarra Butler.  She has two sons, Patrick and Winston. Sally spends most of her time at Tjukurla Communitiy although she has connections in Darwin and Batchelor. Sally's paintings usually depict the women out collecting food around the Tjukurla area.

Sally had a vibrant energy which is channeled into her use of colour and form. She has a command of colour which echoes her personality, favouring joyful, bright shades and harmonious palettes. Her emergent style echoes her mother's stories and the knowledge she has of the significant sites around her home country in the western desert.

In addition to her painting practice, Sally has worked with batik and other textiles, and more recently has expanded into silk dyeing and painting techniques. The soft-edged forms of this medium evoke the gentle lushness with which her mother depicts sacred desert sites, however Sally's work has a unique freshness all of its own.

Story from the certificate of authenticity:

Wingarntjirri - This is my borning place - Wingarntjirri. It is west of Tjukurla community. These are the Tali and Kapi, the sand dunes and rockholes, of that place. I was born in the bush. My mother, Katjarra Butler, was walking around from place to place with me getting ready. She had me at Wingarntjirri.











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