Kungka Kutjara Kaltukatjara - 90cm x 90cm


Artist: Raylene Larry

Size: 90cm x 90cm

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
Kungka Kutjara are Two Women. This painting is the story of two women travelling. They were travelling through that Country a long time ago, looking for mai putitja - bush food.

They were travelling through Ngayuku Ngura - My Country - Kaltukatjara - Docker River. They were travelling everywhere. This painting is just Kaltukatjara.

My grandmother gave me this story. On my mother's side.

My mother and father are gone, they passed away. My mother was Pitjantjatjara. My father was a Walpiri man. This story is from my mother's family.

The little sister was worrying, she wanted to go back home. The big sister said we can't go home, we have to keep walking.






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