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We are delighted and enchanted to introduce this months exhibition at our new space in Potts Point.

Emerging artist Conway Ginger’s wonderful sense of humour is evident in his quirky, whimsical etchings and watercolours of Australia’s native animals. The exhibition highlights his natural affinity for drawing animals, bird life in particular, with fresh and vivid lines that draw inspiration from his everyday surroundings. At just $200 framed, each piece offers a very affordable entry point into Aboriginal art that fits easily into any modern home.

In contrast, established artist Billy Benn’s work focuses on more traditional landscapes, depicting the colourful country that he held so dear. His work displays a sophisticated knowledge of light and space. The rolling ranges of his country painted in deep reds, thick with gloss, pulsating with colour, texture, sentiment and spirit. Breathtaking and intimate, Billy Benn's remarkable paintings illuminated his deep desert sensibilities and boldly reveal his country.