Aboriginal Contemporary

Aboriginal Contemporary is a treasure trove of Aboriginal art, crafts and textiles located in the heart of Bronte, Sydney.  The gallery opened in late 2010 and has already gained a reputation for sourcing exquisite pieces from both emerging and collectable artists from across Australia.  

Traditionally, Aboriginal artists used earthy tones to portray stories of the ‘Dreamtime’, a mythological creation reflecting their lifestyle.  Their modern day descendants now use a full range of colours in their work, resulting in paintings that are both joyous to behold and easy to live with.  “An investment in happiness!” as one of our clients suggested.

This work reflects Australia’s indigenous heritage but it also fits perfectly into modern day life.  We work closely with Aboriginal art centres, countrywide to handpick a beautifully coloured and wide ranging selection of ‘one-off’ or limited edition pieces.  And with such a variety of styles and prices, there is something that will appeal to everyone. 

Our relationships with our art centre partners, ensures that everything we offer is authentic and of the highest quality, and that it is both ethically sourced and sustainably made.