Two Snakes - 122cm x 101.6cm


Artist: Jimmy and Angie Tchooga

Size: 122cm x 101.6cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
In this painting Jimmy depicted his Warlu Tjukurrpa (Fire Dreaming) in Killi Killi. This country is North East of Balgoin the Tanami Desert. This story was given to him by his father.
In the centre of the painting, the bold orange, red and yellow concentric circles represent a spontaneous and powerful fire starting. "Nobody started it, it was tjukurrpa, dreaming started it." Says Jimmy. 
The two snakes moved along the outside watching that fire, making sure it burnt country the right way. The curved half-circles represent tali, sandhills, that formed wind breaks to stop the fire.



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