July News letter from Aboriginal Contemporary

July 09, 2013

There's so much to talk about at the moment, so here is a quick round up of what is going on!

The Blog

Firstly, there was a lovely blog in http://www.adoremagazine.com/blog/  It shows how aboriginal art can work in a contemporary home.  It just happened to be my home! The blog has an interview with me and here are some of the picutres featured.




The Trip

Next week I am off on a big trip to the APY lands in South Australia and the Northern Territory.  For two weeks I will not spend two nights in one place, drive thousands of miles on those beautifully straight red roads  and no one will be able to get hold of me (yes I am a Vodafone customer!) However I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram. 

I am really excited about spending time in the art centres and with the artists themselves, with the best bit being I can hand pick work that I know will be loved by customers of Aboriginal Contemporary.

To follow the trip, click and "like" on the following links:



The Show

We have a great show coming up in October, which seems a long way away but oh how quickly it will come! One of the stars of the show is Jeani Rangi, from Mangkaja Arts, who has just been awarded the Kimberly Art Prize for best emerging artist.  It is safe to say that I am VERY excited by her work and here is a sneak peek!