Warraban- 100cm x 120cm


Artist: Tracey Ramsay 

Size: 100cm x 120cm

Medium: Natural ochre and acrylic on canvas

*Artworks are shipped stretched and ready to hang.

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
This is a dreaming place located within Bow River - about a bat and a crocodile that once had a spear fight amongst each other, where the bat had the upper hand and had killed the crocodile - spearing him straight through, where then a short-neck turtle came across and seen the  crocodile there laying dead. Tracey says - "That short-neck turtle got a string and paperbark tree, put the crocodile on his back and took him to another place, which I can't talk about because my dad taught me not to talk for another's country."

Seen within the middle of the artwork is a half circle described in yellow ochre as well as red - this describes the cave where the bat once lived during the dream-time


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