Renita Stanley - Ceramic

Artist: Renita Stanley

Approx Size: Height 46cm  x  width 23cm

This is the story of the older sister going a long way to get her younger sister and bring her back.  They went through many places on the way, but I will only talk about a short bit of their journey at Wingellina. Two women who both came from up north and stayed a while.  They both could see that Docker River was close.

And as they were sitting there they performed ceremony, Inma. After they both threw away their weapons, they threw them away.  Their head-rings, they threw them away their head-rings.  Then they got up and left.  They went to another place, a hollow called Kantarangkutjara and then they travelled on to Docker River.  The story of their travels after Docker River belongs to the Docker River people and others in distant Country.  My part of the story is short.

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