Nyabal Nyabal - 100cm x 80cm

On Hold
Louise Malarvie's - Nyabal Nyabal Size: 100cm x 80cm   Medium: Natural ochre and pigment on canvas Story from the certificate of authenticity:"In my country near the Malun community, there is a big lake they call Barrawool - Lake Gregory. When it's windy, waves form and sparkle in the sunshine, we call it 'nyabal nyabal'. This is what the light in the flicking water looks like....Sometimes the wind blows really fast. It makes me feel good when I think about it and remember my Country". BiographyLouise Malarvie is an artist developing a repertoire of images to reflect the cultural learning taught to her by the elders of her family. Committed to her cultural tradition and its expression Louise explores an individual interpretation of colour and composition to best translate her cultural learning. "I was born in Darwin and grew up at Mistake Creek and Bamboo Springs and then moved to Kununurra and lived at Lily Creek. Afterwards I went to Emu Creek with my mum. We used to catch the bus into Kununurra for school. We lived in the ranch area at Kununurra in the 90's. I followed my mother to do painting. I watched my mother paint since I was small when she used to sell her paintings at the bakery before Waringarri Arts started. Everyone - my grandpa, my mum and dad all moved to Waringarri then."    
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