Ngamurru/Katjarra - 147.3cm x 177.8cm

Artist: Katjarra Butler

Size:  14.3cm x 177.8cm acrylic on canvas

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
Katjarra is renowned for her wide luscious brush strokes and innovative style. Her artistic process, often involving the application of numerous layers of paint, builds a fullness and depth distinctive in her work. Katjarra combines and recombined traditional symbols in a highly contemporary rendering of Ngaanyatjarra stories, culture and landscape.

Through an interpreter, Katjarra explains her painting. "These waterholes are of Ngamurru. Ngamurru is my home. It is not like a spring - the waterhole dries out after a while. At these waterholes, many women were staying here for a short while in the creation time (Dreamtime). These women were Nangala, my mothers. Another group of women, a group of Nungurrayi and Nangala were travelling to Marrpirnti/Kiwirrkura while the Nangala women were at Ngamurru. At Ngamurru the Nangala women collected,cooked and ate the bush tucker Wanpurru that grows on sandhills. They then set off to the east to Papun and Ngartan.





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