Ngamurru/Katjarra - 147.3cm x 147.3cm

Artist: Katjarra Butler

Size:  147.3cm x 147.3cm acrylic on canvas

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
These waterholes are of Ngamurru. Ngamurru is my home. It is not like a spring - the waterhole dries out after a while. At these waterholes, many women were staying here for a short while  in the creation time (Dreamtime). These women were Nangala, my mother's. Another group of women, a group of Nungurrayi and Nangala were travelling to Marrpirnti/Kiwirrkura while the Nangala women were at Ngamurru
. At Ngamurru the Nangala women collected ,cooked and ate the bush tucker wanpurru that grows on sandhills. They then set off to the east to Papun and Ngartan.





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