My Birthing Place - 101.6cm x 121.9cm


Artist: Rosalie Richards

Size: 101.6cm x 121.9cm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
Rosalie Richards's parents (Sam Richards 9dec) and Winifred Richards) were travelling on foot from Warburton Ranges to Laverton and back, in the 1960's. They had arrived at Laverton and were making their way back, passing through Cosmo Newberry, when Winifred started feeling labour pains. They made it to Lake Throssell, and not a moment too soon, as shortly afterward, Rosalie was born at the water rockhole nearby. This was a significant journey, and one that was undertaken on foot, before any of the major roads that cut through that vast landscape now. This is an important story to Rosalie, as it depicts her birth country.

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