Minyma Mamu

These delightful Minyma Mamu figures come from Kaltjiti Art Centre in the APY Lands.  There is a hook on the back so they can be wall hung. 

Information from the Art Centre:

These wall figures are a nod to the Minyma Mamu Inma, the 'monster' woman. 

As the woman walks through the burnt country, she becomes covered in white ash jumping about on hot coals with a large bright red mouth yelping in pain and scaring everyone - like a monster woman. The head decoration changes each time she dances.

The dance of the Monster Woman enacts the journey of the Minyma following her husband’s tracks  towards Wataru in the west of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara Lands.

 As she was walking along she picked up a stick and was dancing as she went She took the wrong track and was in the path of a big bushfire – Waru pulka pitjanangka. A big bushfire was coming towards her.

 “Panya palunya kampangi warungku tjina munu mara, kuru puntu winki.

She was walking over hot coals – tjikani. Burning embers struck her hands, eyes, in her mouth all over her body and she had no clothes on - paluru ultja wiya. Her stick went flying out of her hands as she brushed the burning fire off.

 Approximate size: 54cm long x 37cm high


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