33 Area - Kunawarritji - 46cm x 60cm

On Hold

Artist: Cyril Whyoulter

Size: 46cm x 60cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Story from the certificate of authenticity:

Nana Bugai used to walk around here when she was a girl. The gapi (water) and sand hills, the bigger ones in this painting are the long time water the others are small soaks still water but not all the time.

Kunawarritji is an important site in the Great Sandy Desert whee multiple stories and histories intersect. In the Jukurrpa (dreamtime) period, the Seven Sisters stopped here and shaped a number of the landforms before continuing on their long journey east. During the pujiman (nomadic desert dweller) era, the site was an important yinta (permanent water source), where families stopped and camped for long periods each year. At the turn of the 20th century Kunawarritji was converted into a well (Well 33) along the 1850km long Canning Stock Route, created as a means to drove cattle through the harsh Western Australian desert. Each year throughout the 1930-50s, the well became a site of contact between drovers, their cattle, and desert families. Today, Kunawarritji community is a site of return, a place where Martu people have come back to continue making their life in the desert..


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