Ceremony at M'Bunghara - 76.5cm x 122cm

Artist: Maryanne Nungarrayi Size: 76.5cm x 122cm Medium: Acrylic on linen Story from the certificate of authenticity:Ceremony at M'Bunghara Creek. The country of M'Bunghara is depicted as a combination of creek and open desert. Maryanne's 'landscape' is scattered with humpies, with people [indicated by U shapes] sitting down around fires [circles surrounded by U shapes], performing Ceremony. This Ceremony is open to all - men, women and children participating. M'Bunghara, located on M'Bunghara Creek [known as Dashwood Creek] surrounded by Glen Helen Station, is where Maryanne was borne to her mother Daisy Leura Nakamarra and father Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri. It is now home to a small Outstation Community of extended family, also called M'Bunghara,    
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