Sally Butler - 121.9cm x 147.3cm

Artist: Sally Butler 'Wangurnu'

Size:  121.9cm x 147.3cm acrylic on canvas


Sally Butler is the daughter of Katjarra Butler.  She has two sons, Patrick and Winston. Sally spends most of her time at Tjukurla Communitiy although she has connections in Darwin and Batchelor. Sally's paintings usually depict the women out collecting food around the Tjukurla area.

Sally had a vibrant energy which is channeled into her use of colour and form.  Her emergent style echoes her mother's stories and the knowledge she has of the significant sites around her home country in the western desert.


Wangurnu Story

The women have been collecting the tiny seed of the grass called Wangurnu in the area south of Kiwirrkurra, Larrara. They grind the seed into a fine flour that  is collected in the coolamon (wooden bowls) then mix the flour with water to make nyuma (damper) that is cooked in the fire.  The women have their digging sticks and wooden bowls with them. This is a landscape dominated by sandhills and is near Sally's birth place. She remembers the stories her grandmother told her when she was growing up.











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