Piltati - 164cm x 107cms

Artist: Elizabeth Dunn

Size: 164cm x 107cm

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
Piltati is Elizabeth's great-grandfather's country. Two brothers were married to two sisters and they all lived together. One day the two men go out hunting, looking for malu (kangaroo). They travel everywhere and find nothing. They start to worry. "What are we going to do, there is no meat on this land? One brother says, "maybe we should turn into something?" They start to think about what they should turn into. "Maybe firewood?" "No the firewood burns." "Maybe emu or a bird?". "No, people eat them." They do a lot of talking and decide they should turn into Wanampi (rainbow serpents). A lot of smoke starts to come out of the ground, it is very scary and then the men become Wanampi. They travel into the land, towards a rockhole. Meanwhile, the two women are waiting for their husbands to return from their hunting trip. They wait a very long time. They keep going on with their lives, collecting bush tucker, waiting... but the men never come back. So, they decide to set out to find their husbands. One day, they come across a hole in the ground. They start digging. Digging, digging, digging, they follow the tunnel inside the ground. They are so frantically digging they accidently hit one of the Wanampi in the back. The Wanampi chase the ladies and eat one of them, one women gets away. Now, the Wanampi still live in the waterhole called Piltati. The Wanampi still live there today and provide rain for the bush tucker to grow and provide meat on the land.






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