Nyayartakujarra or Lake Dora, Punmu Warlu (lake) - 121cm x 76cm

Artist: Mulyatingki Marney

Size: 121cm x 76cm

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Punmu is an Aboriginal community located 670 km north-east of Newman. In the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Created during the return to Country movement of the 1980's, with the recognition of Martu land rights and native title, the community was named after a nearby jukurrpa (dreamtime) story.

This work depicts the large salt lake know as Nyayatakujarra or Lake Dora. Punmu community sits on the edge of this dramatic lake, which runs south in  Karlarnilyi River. A jukurrpa story describes the formation of Nyayatakujarra as occurring when two travelling snakes were first sung to sleep and then killed by magic men. The snakes fat was said to have burned away and melted into Nyayatakujarra.

Martumili Artists was established in late 2006 and supports Martu artists in Kunawarritji, Punmu, Parnngurr, Jigalong, Warralong, Irrungadji (Nullagine) and Parnpajinya (Newman). Many Martu artists have close relationships with established artists amongst Yulparija, Kukatja and other Western Desert peoples and are now gaining recognition in their own right for their diverse, energetic and unmediated painting styles. Their works reflect the dramatic geography and scale of their homelands in the Great Sandy Desert and Rudall River regions of Western Australia. Martumili Artists represents speakers of Manyjilyjarra, Warnman, Kartujarra, Putijarra and Martu Wangka languages, many of whom experienced first contact with Europeans in the 1960s. The artists include painters, working in acrylics and oils, as well as weavers coiling baskets and sculptors working in wood, grass and wool. Martu artists proudly maintain their creative practices whilst pursuing social and cultural obligations across the Martu homelands.

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