My Design - 91cm x 91cm

Artist: Melissa Sandy

Size: 91cm x 91cm

Medium:Acrylic/Texture on canvas

Story from the certificate of authenticity.
My Design. In her recent series of black and white works Melissa is interested in exploring painting using only two colours on a textured surface. She says: "It's a nice change from my big coloured paintings. I spend a lot of time thinking about the painting so i can get it right from the start. I like to start with a clear idea of what i want to do. If i don't get it right, i wont touch it until i know where i want it to go, and that might take days of looking and thinking. I have to have the vision of the painting clear;y in my mind. When the experiment has gone right i love it, and i know that the buyer will love it and cherish it, makes it worthwhile - to make someone else happy."


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