Jalin - 60cm x 80cm


Peggy Madij Griffiths - Jalin

Size: 60cm x 80cm 

Medium: Natural ochre and pigment on canvas

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
Jalin - Beasley Knob is an area of Peggy's traditional country. it is an important dreaming site for the Miriwoong people. In the dreaming Jalin - the plains kangaroo a Miriwoong man, and Nyangood - the hill kangaroo a Gajirrbeng man, had been arguing at a place called Yab-yab-gnerni-gnim about the ownership of the country. The hill represents the place where Jalin and Nyangood separated company. Peggy lives here now, she says this place is still unspoilt and the same as it used to be back when people came here to hunt and camp. During station times Peggy and her family used to go on hunting trips here, camping at one of the many billabongs and then on to Bubble Springs before going back to work on Newry Station. In the background, Peggy has depicted an ant hill and another large hill on her Country surrounded by clusters of spinifex, located near Woorrilben area where the current rangers station is located today.





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