Branding Days Nine Mile Yard - 56cm x 76cm


Artist: Mervyn Street

Size: 56cm x 76cm

Framed size: 96cm x 75cm

Medium: Charcoal on 200gsm Velin Arches

Information on the certificate of authenticity:
This drawing is my story of the olden days in Nine Mile Yard, Louisa Downs Station. we also called it the Tilling Yard or aboriginal name Belunjoowa. we used to take it in turns to do the roping to catch the clean skin cows, steers and mickey (young bulls) to brand. After everything was finished we would take it in turns and ride the cows for fun. Olden days Rodeo. 

Please note this artwork is framed. It is float mounted, where all the edges of the artwork are exposed and separated from the glass with a plastic spacer. The art appears as if it is 'floating' in the frame because you can't see it mounted to anything. There is a 8cm wide mount board around the artwork and the frame is matt black. Please contact us if you would like images of the framing.





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