Lily Long Karlamilyi Area - 61cm x 91cm

Artist: Lily Jatarr Long

Size: 61cm x 91cm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Story from the certificate of authenticity:

'This Karlamilyi area, big land. That's a ngurra (home camp) belonging to our old people. Warnman people. We talk for our land, our jila (dreamtime snake). At Nyayartakujarra (Lake Dora) two snakes been killed. Right here they got crook in the dreamtime. All the men Nyanatjarra and Warnman, they were singing. One young fella, he threw a spear into the snake. That snake felt something there, got killed and burned

There's a big rain there, rain time. That river running through, he called Pirnpi. Whitefella way is Rudall River. There's a bird karuwarlkun (magpie), flying and singing everywhere in the Radall River there. There's a claypan there too, big claypan. Pangkartal we call him. Fill him up water when the rain time comes. Smoke living there in Pangkartal, big one. He (the snake) going to listen to the owner of the land. When we sing out to him in a Warnman way, we tell him, 'stop, don't get cheeky, we coming in (to the land).' He not cheeky, he a good one. Quiet snake.

The name for Kintyre is Yantikuji, red hill over there. They working, doing the mining there now. Next to Yantikuji is a big claypan, Wulpulpa, main camp and a water. That's a hunting place. Plenty of bush tucker round there, kanjamarra (yam, bush carrot) like a carrot growing in the ground in the river bed there. You pull it out, just like a carrot. Lungki (witchedy grub) and jatarrpa, that's like a seed,you gotta clean him up and grind it to make a flour wheat, make a damper in the waru (fire). We gonna get that seed and show you fellas. Minyarra (bush onion) there and ngapurta (sweet, patterned green fruit, eaten raw), they all grow in the river banks.

I (Lily Long) was born there in Karlamilyi River, that's my Country. Jartarr Ngurra (that's the name for the place and that's my name. That's the living water place.

This painting depicts Karlamilyi, also known as Rudall River National Park. It is situated in between the communities of Parnngurr and Punmu and is very beautiful and important area. Rudall River runs through Karlamili into Nyayartakujarra or Lake Dora, a very large salt warila (lake). Karlamilyi is Warnman country and lies in the very heart of the Martu homelands.

Martumili Artists was established in late 2006 and supports Martu artists in Kunawarritji, Punmu, Parnngurr, Jigalong, Warralong, Irrungadji (Nullagine) and Parnpajinya (Newman). Many Martu artists have close relationships with established artists amongst Yulparija, Kukatja and other Western Desert peoples and are now gaining recognition in their own right for their diverse, energetic and unmediated painting styles. Their works reflect the dramatic geography and scale of their homelands in the Great Sandy Desert and Rudall River regions of Western Australia. Martumili Artists represents speakers of Manyjilyjarra, Warnman, Kartujarra, Putijarra and Martu Wangka languages, many of whom experienced first contact with Europeans in the 1960s. The artists include painters, working in acrylics and oils, as well as weavers coiling baskets and sculptors working in wood, grass and wool. Martu artists proudly maintain their creative practices whilst pursuing social and cultural obligations across the Martu homelands.


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