Gilban Ngarranggarni for Ngapuny - 90cm x 90cm

Artisit: Shirley Purdie Size: 90cm x 90cm Medium: Natural ochre and pigments on canvas Story from the certificate of authenticity:"That hill [at the top of painting] is Mabel Downs, that's Gilban country, my country. You know how in kartiya [whitefella] way God made the mountains and thing like that? Well I believe he made that hill, they got a nice shape on my country and I believe they got made Ngapuny [God] way and in Ngarranggarni [Dreaming] way, like two way it happened. These two hands and the dove, they are the Holy Spirit. We sing that song 'Holy Spirit in the Land' in Gija and in English. That story 'Holy Spirit in the Land' they say in English the spirit is in the high, high mountain and in the deep, deep valley and we sing that in Gija too. That is Ngapuny [God] in the middle there. In the Ngarranggarni [Dreaming] story they say those hills the rock wallaby make them pouring the sand, like sand castles, like little kids. He was making them for hiding in and living in. These hills they got made two ways Ngapuny [God} and Ngarranggarni [Dreaming]." Shirley Purdie 22/1/20        
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